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Tips for Online Learning Success

Get set for success with tech tips and online learning strategies for students.

Accessing and Using Your FCPS Parent View Account for 24-7 Learning

In preparation for school closure, student learning activities will be made available through FCPS 24-7 Learning (Blackboard).

Parents can begin to prepare by ensuring they have a Student Information System (SIS) Parent Account and are able to login to FCPS 24-7 Learning Parent View.

View video instructions about accessing and using FCPS 24-7 Learning Parent View.

Forgot your password? To recover a forgotten password or change your password, visit the password management page.

FCPS 24-7 Learning Parent View Help Documentation: Tips for Parents and Frequently Asked Questions.

FCPS 24-7 Learning Parent View Support Request: This online tool provides an alternative to in-person school support.

Creating an FCPS Parent View Account for 24-7 Learning

If you do not have an FCPS 24-7 Learning Parent View account, follow the FCPS instructions for creating one. 

View video instructions about accessing Parent View.

Digital Learning at Home - How Parents Can Help

Setting up a Workspace at Home:

  • Gather Supplies (Pens, pencils, tablets, books, etc.) 

  • Establish a comfortable workspace 

  • Provide adequate lighting 

  • Ensure electrical outlet nearby 

The Basics:

Learning Opportunities for Parents:

Additional Supports:

How to Support Your Child with Blackboard and G Suite

Supporting Your Student in Blackboard 

  1. Login to Blackboard http://fcps.blackboard.com with your Parent View account

  2. Click on your student’s name to view their courses.

  3. Open each course to see assignments

  4. Parents will be able to view most materials that have been posted in your child’s classes.  If you click on something and can’t access it, ask your student to log in to view that resource or assignment.  

  5. Teachers will likely use a combination of Blackboard and G Suite.  Students will need to log into GSuite for you to view their work.

Supporting Your Student in G Suite 

In collaboration with your student, ask them to login to G Suite with you daily at the beginning and end of the day.  The account username is your student’s @email and your student will have their password. 

Google Drive

  1. Go to your student’s Google Drive http://drive.google.com 
  2. On the left-hand side, you‘ll see Recent.  
  3. Recent will allow you to see all Recent documents your child has been working on. 
  4. Check the documents listed on a daily basis. 

Google email 

  1. Go to your student’s Gmail  http://gmail.google.com to view email messages your child has sent or received. 

Google Classroom 

  1. Go to: http://classroom.google.com. Each box on this screen represents a class your child is enrolled in. 

  1. Click a box to open a Google Classroom.  Once a classroom is opened, at the top of the screen click Stream and Classwork to view both areas.  Stream is for announcements and class discussion/Q&A.  Classwork will list class assignments.  

Google Classroom Calendar 

  1. Your child’s Google Classroom Calendar will list assignments from all of your child’s Google Classroom classes in one convenient location.  This is an easy place to see what has been assigned and when it is due. 
  2. To find the calendar, click the three lines in the upper right corner of the Classroom. 
  3. Then select Calendar from the menu.   

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Help

Technology Tools to Support All Learners

Technology Tools to Support All Learners

School based resources to support all learners.

  • Keyboarding
  • Organization
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Additional Support Resources

FCPS 24/7 Learning Parent Overview

Local Food Resources

Fairfax County Coordinated Services: 703.222.0880

Fairfax County searchable map of food sites: (both schools and other sites):

Other Possibilities/Searchable sites by zip code:

Essential Grade Level Learning Standards for 4th Quarter

You can view the essential learning standards for the 4th quarter by grade level by clicking the links below. 

Lemon Road Students Blackboard Course

This link is the Lemon Road Students 24/7 Learning Course. Here you can find resources for each grade level. Students login with their FCPS username and password.

FCPS Continuity of Learning - Elementary

This link will take you to the FCPS Continuity of Learning 24/7 Learning Course. You can access resources created by FCPS to support distance learning.

For Students

Reminders for Students

  • We will be using Blackboard 24/7 and Google Classroom to complete assignments.
    • Make sure to check in with your teacher(s) on where to go for lessons and assignments.
  • For Blackboard, use your student ID and password used at school to login.
  • For FCPS Google Apps, use your studentID@fcpsschools.net and password to login. 

Lemon Road Student Links

Student Links - Links to educational website that our teachers and students like to use. If you need an FCPS application password to visit a website, go to 24/7 Learning Blackboard Course created by your teacher.

Channel 21 - FCPS Cable Channel Information

Channel 21 - The cable channel has elementary school-level instructional programming. Additional videos are being developed/recorded and will be added into the lineup as they are available. (Channel 21 is standard definition (SD) and Channel 1021 is high definition (HD). You don't need cable to access the channel, and it is streamed online as well. For your planning, a program guide is available. Note: Channel 25 has middle school programming; Channel 99 for high schools.

FCPS Technology Resources

FCPS Technology Resources - Explore these quick and easy school-based resources that can facilitate online learning. 

Origo at Home - Daily Math Activities

Origo at Home - Daily math activities focused around specific weekly topics.

EdHelper - Workbook lessons by grade level

EdHelper - Great links to workbook lessons by grade level.

Scholastic - grade level day-by-day lessons

Scholastic - Links to grade level day-by-day lessons.

Unite for Literacy - Free online books in multiple languages

Unite For Literacy - Free online books in multiple languages.

Credit to FCPS and Kara Armstrong for information included in this page.