Lemon Road Strings Program

The Lemon Road orchestra ("strings") program is open to students in fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. Music develops intellectual skills in the language of music, produces physical expression, fosters an understanding of history, provides an appreciation through listening and performing, develops performance skills, and enables music literacy. The strings program is one area that helps to expand learning and expression.

Strings classes focus on the enjoyment of music through performance and skill development with fellow musicians. This creative process focuses on individual progress in the following areas: Tone Quality, Intonation, Rhythmic Accuracy, Technique, Ensemble Balance and Blend, Interpretation, and Stage Presence. Each child is allowed and encouraged to reach their full potential by providing quality music instruction in a setting that is pleasant and positive. By doing so, it is hoped that Lemon Road students become life-long consumers of music and are able to make intellectual, critical, and informed decisions based on their particular interests.