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Our Vision

Lemon Road is committed to fostering a community of learners in which students, staff, and parents will grow and learn together while striving for excellence. We celebrate the uniqueness of the individual and value the family as an integral part of a student’s academic success.

Mission Statement

Our Mission at Lemon Road Elementary is to provide an environment where all of the adult stakeholders are committed to supporting the academic, social, creative, and emotional needs of all of our students so that each child can achieve success at levels matched to and often exceeding perceived abilities.

FCPS School Profile

To prepare our students for life in the 21st Century, we are

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committed to:

  • Modeling socially productive behaviors in our school by showing respect for each other, actively listening, allowing voice for all, fostering trust, promoting safety and being responsive to the greater community.
  • Teaching multiple perspectives and providing differentiated instruction that meets the needs of the whole child regardless of ability.
  • Helping students “unlock” their passions by showing our own passion for learning and encouraging creativity, fun, and laughter.
  • Working collaboratively as a school community to meet every child’s needs and maximize student potential through meaningful instruction.
  • Valuing our diversity by building positive relationships that ensure the respect and dignity of each member of the school community so that they feel important and confident.
  • Challenging and motivating our students by encouraging critical thinking and innovation in a safe environment where students are free to take risks without fear of failure.

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