2021 - 2022 Family Engagement Survey Results

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) posted the results of its 2021-22 Family Engagement Survey, which includes information specific to Lemon Road Elementary School. 

We are proud that families at Lemon Road reported: 

  • 97 percent feel "this school welcomes families of different backgrounds and cultures."
  • 97 percent feel "there is at least one caring adult at the school that my child trusts."
  • 95 percent feel "my child feels safe at school."
  • 95 percent feel "information provided to me by my child's school is easy to understand."
  • 94 percent feel "I feel welcome at my child's school."

The feedback provided will help us strengthen family engagement and continue to foster a Caring Culture.

The survey was open from March 13 - April 10 and was available in 10 languages. All families in FCPS were asked to provide their feedback on their engagement at their child’s school to address the following topics: 

  • Welcoming Environment
  • Communication
  • Student Success
  • Advocacy
  • Family and School Partnerships
  • Collaboration with the Community

View the full Lemon Road Family Engagement Survey results.

View the FCPS webpage for survey results throughout the school district