Virginia Purple Star Designated

Assist Local School Districts that Enroll Federally Connected Students

DID YOU KNOW...? Approximately 14,500 military-connected students are enrolled in FCPS. Military-connected families move every 2 to 3 years. Military-connected youth change schools 6 to 9 times before their high school graduation.

At Lemon Road, we strive to support families and students who face these, and other, challenges that come with being military-connected.

Lemon Road is a Purple Star School

Fairfax County Public Schools and Lemon Road Elementary School are committed to supporting our military-connected students and families. We value their service and commitment to our nation and are thankful for everything they do.

Purple Star Schools Provide

  • Professional development for staff to understand the unique challenges and culture of military-connected students
  • Events throughout the year to honor and celebrate service members and their families
  • Military family resources on the FCPS website
  • Peer-led transition teams to offer a platform to students to make connections and gain critical information
  • Assistance to military-connected students with special needs
  • A welcoming environment and sense of belonging for not only military-connected students, but all students

Annual Veteran's Day Recognition

Each year, Lemon Road has a Veteran's Day celebration where we invite veteran members of our community into the school. We use this as an opportunity to recognize and show appreciation for their service to our country. Some activities veterans can do with our students are read to different classes, share their experiences, and answer student questions about their time serving in the military. 

Student Ambassador Program

At Lemon Road, we have a student ambassador program where selected students learn leadership and communication skills to welcome new students and foster student connectedness. Student ambassadors provide tours to new students and support the transitional needs of all students, including those who are military-connected. When new students arrive, our student ambassadors introduce students to staff, help them get acquainted with our school, and serve as a buddy throughout their school day. Their focus is on building relationships with new students and ensuring every student feels a sense of belonging at Lemon Road.

Purple Star Recognition

Lemon Road Elementary is proud to announce that the Virginia Council on the Educational Opportunity for Military Children voted on October 26, 2023, to approve Lemon Road Elementary School as a recipient of the SY 2023-2024 Purple Star Award.  The Virginia Purple Star Designation is awarded to military-friendly schools that have demonstrated a major commitment to students and families connected to our nation’s military.

Lemon Road Elementary is dedicated to supporting our military-connected families.  Whether you are permanently moving to our school or living here temporarily, our school and staff will be able to assist with your transition into and/or out of our area.  Please reach out to the front office with any questions regarding your transition.

For more information, please see the FCPS Military Families Page.

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