Second Grade Supply List

Item Type Brand (if important) Quantity Other Important Notes Regarding Item
Headphones   2

USB headphones preferred One set for home and one for school

Sharpened Pencils Ticonderoga 12 pack  
Crayons Crayola 24 pack  
Markers Crayola 10 pack  
Safety scissor   1  
solid glue sticks Elmer's 4  
large eraser   1  
large boxes of tissues   1  
Disinfecting wipes Clorox 2  
8oz bottle of hand sanitizer   2  
PLASTIC pocket folders   2 one green, one yellow
PRIMARY (K-2) Composition books   1  
Spiral Notebooks (1 subject wide ruled)   3  
(3x3) Post-It note   2  
pack Black Expo Dry Erase marker   2  
jar of Play-Doh   1  
Personal Hand-held Pencil Sharpener   1  
Zip-lock bags   1 quart size-with slider!!!