Purple Up! for the Military Child

April 24, 2023

On April 19th, we celebrated an important day for military children all around the world. Purple Up! for Military Child Day was a time to show support and honor for the children of military families.

Why purple? Because it's a combination of Army green, Air Force blue, Marine Corps red, Navy blue, and Coast Guard blue. So when we wore purple, we were showing our support for children in all branches of the military.

Military children are special because they face unique challenges that other children may not experience. They have to say goodbye to their parents when they deploy or move to a new base, and they often have to make new friends and adjust to new schools. But military children excel in resilience and exhibit the character strengths of bravery and perseverance. They support their parents, and each other, and make sacrifices for our country.

On April 19th, we all wore purple to show our support for military children. Whether we had a military family member or not, wearing purple was a way to say thank you to these exceptional children for their courage and sacrifice.