Thank You, Mrs. Coleman!

By Jacquelyn Argodale
February 09, 2024

Our sixth-grade Lions eagerly welcomed Lemon Road parent, Mrs. Coleman, to share valuable insights into her experience as a seasoned professional in the world of audiobook narration. Sixth-graders will be recording podcasts as a part of their memoir unit and were excited to hear about Mrs. Coleman's experiences, tips and tricks about audio recording, and the importance of audio storytelling.

With over 260 audiobooks under her belt, Mrs. Coleman's journey into the world of narration began with a desire to stay close to home while pursuing her love for storytelling. Drawing from her background in acting, which began at the tender age of 8 with Encore stage and studio, and her theater education at JMU, Mrs. Coleman's career has taken her on a remarkable journey. From touring with a Shakespeare company to founding her own in Cincinnati, her dedication to the art of storytelling shines through in every word she narrates.

During her visit, Mrs. Coleman provided a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of audiobook narration. She shared her humble beginnings and discussed the intricacies of recording studio setups. Demonstrating her versatility, Mrs. Coleman showcased examples of her work, providing students the opportunity to connect with the significance of a skilled narrator. They were able to highlight the unique qualities of audiobooks that set them apart from traditional reading experiences and discovered how the human voice brings stories to life - allowing listeners to hear the emotion and detail that a written page cannot convey. 

Mrs. Coleman relayed tips and tricks, emphasizing the importance of narration in conveying character traits through voice modulation, and shared tips on microphone technique, from testing the equipment to maintaining proper distance during recording. One of the highlights of Mrs. Coleman's visit was her obvious passion. She explained how every day brings new stories and challenges, making each project a rewarding adventure. 

Mrs. Coleman also revealed she is up for a narration award, competing against Meryl Streep and Ethan Hawke! She even narrated the captivating "Super Secret Octagon Valley Society" by Melissa de la Cruz. Our Lions were inspired by her experience and enthusiasm and it is clear that she ignited a spark of creativity and curiosity in the hearts of our learners. With Mrs. Coleman's guidance, the future of storytelling at Lemon Road is brighter than ever before. We are looking forward to hearing the sixth grade memoirs!

Read more about our wonderful guest speaker and the amazing work that she's done on her official website.