Lemon Road Ambassador Program

Lemon Road Family Ambassadors Overview

At Lemon Road we value inclusivity in our community. We are building a team of ambassadors to help welcome new families from our community and around the world. We hope that ambassadors will encourage new families to get involved by attending the various events at Lemon Road, joining the PTA, and become active members of our school community.

Below is a brief description of more ways we hope our selected ambassadors can help our new families.

Family Ambassadors:

Family ambassadors will be essential in helping welcome new families to Lemon Road. They will help families understand the transition from different schools and school systems by sharing more about the school culture, traditions, protocols and procedures. Family ambassadors will collaborate with the Lemon Road Family Engagement Committee, room parents, teachers, and the PTA.   

We will encourage family ambassadors to help answer questions that new families may have about the school. Many of our family ambassadors will help new families get settled into the Lemon Road community by recommending different community resources such as sports teams, restaurants, or suggested student/family activities. Bilingual ambassadors may also be called on from time to time to help translate for non-English speaking families.  We will look to our ambassadors to invite families to join them at school events.  

We appreciate all that our ambassadors will do to help make Lemon Road inviting to all newcomers. The ambassador program will be possible because of the continued parent involvement and engagement in our school. This partnership plays a vital role in making our school a great place in which our children and families can thrive.

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador to Lemon Road Elementary please complete this form. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Mabel Morales at @email.