Lemon Road Homework Policy

Homework should serve a positive purpose for learning and support the instructional program. Homework should be a vehicle through which students practice skills introduced in the classroom or expand knowledge by means of research, application, experimentation, or reflection. All students are expected to complete homework assignments. On average, homework across disciplines should not exceed 0.5 hours at the primary level, 1 hour at the upper elementary level, and 1.5 hours at the middle school level.

Parents can help students develop effective study skills and complete homework assignments by:

  1. Providing space for doing homework and a specific time for study.
  2. Providing books and opportunities to read.
  3. Reading to the child.
  4. Encouraging the exploration of the world outside the classroom.
  5. Providing the tools to aid learning.
  6. Maintain communication with teachers and counselors.

Teachers will maintain regular communication with parents on how they can support their student's learning at home.