Math Resources for Families

Building on Math Strategies

Here is a website Building on Math Strategies with Families that supports math work at home. The site offers routines, tasks and games by standard. They are engaging and reinforce students’ strengths and understanding by having math conversations (math talks) while building fact fluency. Here are also some things to remember about math:

The Six DO’s for Families and Their Math Students

  1. Be positive
  2. Link mathematics with daily life
  3. Make mathematics fun
  4. Learn about mathematics-related careers
  5. Have high expectations for your students
  6. Support homework/practice — don’t do it!

Building Math Skills

Review the ST Math at Home Guide to provide support to your student. It includes how to access ST Math and discussion questions you can utilize to engage your student in mathematical conversations.

The Math at Home website has a collection of activities, organized by mathematical content, uses familiar routines that can be used by students, families, and teachers in a variety of settings.